Tuesday, May 20, 2008

tiring week

today is the first day of exam, not really sure with my answered sheets, i wrote only 1 answer from the entire 5 questions available on the essay, well honestly it was pretty messed up, i predict the answer that i wrote is only maybe not more than 20% worth, plus i wrote all the multiple-choice question which are worth depends on my friend's score, yayank actually, she helped me a lot.

right after the exam i felt like shameful-idiot-hopeless-person... fyuuhhh,,, hopefully this would not be happened on the next exam.

Go forward guys ! :D

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Review back to the torch relaying day

it was Monday cloudy day in kuala lumpur, i forgot about the date, me, wirianto, william and xin went to hangtuah lrt station to see the Olympiad torch relaying event. i was actually not in the mood to see the event, just because william is the one who was pretty exited to see, so we decided to be his companions. well, we arrived at the station earlier than any body, but i saw many professional photographers have been waiting earlier. to be honest, i was so jealous to see their mad-cameras, but heeeyyyy.. i got something to show up too, my express music camera phone.. hehe.. though it is suck, I love it. i've captured few moments during the event, but the qualities are very bad:

comment: yeah i agree, Tibet should not be separated from china, take a look at them closely, they are poor, lack of education, lack of resources, etc. . if u are one of the demonstrator out there, please think before u act, who's gonna take care of the country if they have to be independent from china? your country?.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

boredom in KL

kuala lumpur is such a nice place to visit, i mean only for 1 or 2 weeks, not for at least 4 months u have to be here for study. I'm not joking man, u better cut your own di*k rather than have to be here, that's why i desperately decided to create this sh*t, i spend my time approximately 30% in front of monitor, 20% to eat (everyone said i'm slow-eat-person), 20% to exercise, 30% to sleep in 24/7. owh.. by the way, i'm Caesar Subari, i'm not talkative, neither friendly sometimes, i love being positive, but sometimes i love being negative for some reason, and i love to be commented critically (so i can start changing my self, i want everyone could see what they wanted to see from me :D). Dear friends, I'm piece of sh*it, I'm just ordinary rubbish even worse, and I'm searching for heaven, so tell me. ^^

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